Is having a mentor in your list for new year resolution? If yes, then you are in the right path. Having a mentor has always made it in the list of “things to do to be successful in life”.

At Somo, we understand and value the need for mentorship, making it one of what we do? Our advisory program ensures that entrepreneurs receive market advise from both local and international entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. We also conduct business development workshop to provide them with one on one mentorship and to finalize, we sign a long term mentorship commitment with them.

As part of our new year resolution, we have introduced a program to continue the cycle of mentorship. Entrepreneurs  who have graduated into our acceleration program and are successfully running their own businesses get to mentor trainees in the current Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (Cohort 9).

We asked some of them why they were interested to become mentors? and here are some of their reason.

Johnstone Founder of Ufanisi Power Back Up  says he wants to share knowledge he gained from SOMO business mentorship program and the practical experience gained from starting a business with the upcoming entrepreneurs. ¨My experience will help upcoming entrepreneurs learn from my mistakes, successes and lessons, so that they need not make the same mistakes on their own.¨

David, Founder of @LookslikeAvido(Instagram/fb) and a recent mentor at Blaze says he has gained new perspectives, strengths  in his field and the lessons he learnt before would change the lives of his fellow youths  ”I want to help them identify and utilize opportunities and further motivate them, for us to grow together.¨

Allan Minani, the founder of Portable Voices had a very different opinion. He says, it will be a good opportunity to not only share his  skills but also learn from the trainees. ¨I will be able to support the entrepreneur using my skills for example doing their financial support, revenue plans and onboarding new clients.¨  

Veronica,  a co-founder of Verics Hydroponics says she will bring to the mentees the tricks she learnt as a startup in the market, influenced by current market trends that would help them penetrate their market niche comfortably.

Other entrepreneurs said mentorship challenges their comfort zone, it's a good way  to give back to the community and there is great goodness in being guided.

SOMO entrepreneurs are young, talented, creative, change-makers within low-income urban slums in Nairobi.  They are individuals we identify, train, fund and mentor to build sustainable enterprises that would break the cycle of poverty and  bring long term stability in to urban slums.

If you are reading this and you are interested in becoming a mentor to any of our entrepreneurs feel free to fill out our  become an advisor form and reach us out anytime.