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It is made of graphite, acrylic, spray paint and oil on canvas which is mounted on a board. The hair is made from recycled broken glass. The watch and button are real, though recycled too.

It talks about a young school girl coming from a humble background. She is still in college but enjoys living lavishly. She seems to be wearing an expensive watch with well done nails and make up for a girl her age to afford. Therefore, she decides to date older men (sponsors) to fund the lifestyle.

Looking at her face, she looks worried. She knows the danger that comes with living such a life, making her fearful and broken inside. She isn't certain of the future since the sponsor might jilt her for someone younger overtime. She is also afraid of getting pregnant, having an abortion or even dying when aborting.

However, she is still adamant to leave this life and focus on her studies. Her hope is to get the most out of it (her definition of success).

This piece talks to every girl out there who believes that sponsors are the solution to success. Hence, the title The Broken Glass since she is so fragile and she's broken deep inside.

Disclaimer: The opinion from this article are from the artist who made this piece and does not speak on behalf of The Somo Project.