Affordable childcare is a necessity in urban slums such as Kibera because most parents need to work difficult hours to be able to provide basic needs for their families. Many parents in these areas are working casual jobs, though, and so struggle to afford the existing daycare options.  Lack of affordable daycare has held mothers back in the recent years and forced them to stay at home. Single mothers have opted for any available childcare they can afford regardless of the services provided.

Carol, who went through Somo’s  pilot, studied Early Childhood Education and saw the need to start an affordable, high-quality daycare. WeeCare was started to provide high-quality daycare to enable parents in Kibera work while their children received a strong start towards their education.

WeeCare receives a minimum of 25 children in a day and has 3 employees. Parents, drop off their children as early as 7 am and pick them up as late as 7 pm-- allowing flexible, long working hours. WeeCare daycare package includes Early Childhood Education, healthy balanced meals and a comfortable warm nap in between. WeeCare takes in all children regardless of their age. The charge is Ksh 50 (50 cents) half a day and Ksh 100 ($1) for a full day, subsidized for the community members to be able to afford it. There is a monthly charge of Ksh 1500 ($15) highly preferred by most parents.

WeeCare’s long-term goal is to start a preschool and kindergarten. Carol hopes this will be possible as 2019 kicks off since most parents prefer if their children would start off their education at WeeCare and will want to continue with her services.