It is our great pleasure to introduce to you the finalists from the last 2018 Entreprenurship Bootcamp. Indeed, this was one special group. For starters, it was the first youth cohort we took in. Secondly, the training was fully funded by Polish Aid, which we will forever be grateful for and lastly this was the largest number we ever took in for training.

The 13 individuals representing their business ideas went through the 12 weeks training program from October and eventually graduated on 24th November having submitted their final business plans and receiving their certificates.

The judges picked six finalists to proceed to the next stage where each and every business will receive a grant of Kshs. 185,000 (USD 1,850). Here are their profile:

Keira Styles, Vivian Mokeira

Vivian creates unique Afrocentric pieces, providing a look that gives the wearer a one-of-a-kind flair. Her designs are made from recycled scrap material she gathers from seamstresses, creating sustainable apparel.  Through apprenticeships she employs youth to collect scrap fabric and produce clothes.

Floritech Ventures, Josphat Ngusale

Josphat takes toxic solid waste and repurposes it to create jobs in underserved communities. He employs youth to collect electronic waste and make different electronic products from it.  He was inspired to do this after being unable to afford a phone when he was young and witnessing the pile up of toxic materials outside his home

Sannaa Graphics, Emmanuel Mwangi

Emmanuel grew up in Kawangware where he witnessed many small businesses popping up that would last only a short period of time because they did not have a clear idea of how to market to their customers. He therefore started making digital art and branding for businesses in Kawangware. Sanaa Graphics empowers local youth by offering digital art and design training and then connecting them to jobs.

Seline Pads, Maseline Ogore

Maseline was inspired to found Seline Pads when a girl came to her office for counseling after her widowed mum could not afford sanitary napkins. The young girl had to improvise with rags which made menstrual blood leak through her dress. Seline Pads now provides disadvantaged young women with sanitary towels and undergarments. Her products are eco-friendly, reusable, and washable.

Kizito Art Creations, Kizito Ingosi

Kizito converts natural materials like wood calabashes into artifacts such as wall hangings and lampshades. His goal is to preserve Kenyan culture while empowering young talented entrepreneurs. His vision is to see today’s youth earn from their arts and original creations.

Naicolor Art, Steven Ochieng

Steven grew up in Baba-Dogo where he saw many of his peers turn to drugs and alcohol as they got older.  He wanted to create an alternative outlet for youth and began to recycle local solid waste to create fine pieces of art. His products include paintings, portraits, sculptures, bracelets, earrings, door mats and bookmarks. To make this artwork he employs youth in low-income areas to both collect the waste and make the final products.

Please, feel free to contact us if you are interested to work with any of these entrepreneurs and many more. We appreciate all the support we get!

We also want to acknowledge that you made it possible for us to make 2018 a success. Let´s work together again to make 2019 even greater for these entrepreneurs with talents and dreams beyond their backgrounds. Thank You.

Happy New Year!!!