Boniface Okumu from Kibera, Nairobi is another beneficiary of The Somo Project. He is the Founder of Nurture Roles Arts. Boniface and his team of 10 actors performs set books in secondary schools in his community.

He was inspired into starting Nurture Roles Arts from his passion in acting. He has been acting all through his primary and secondary school. Later, he joined other fairly popular acting crews for 2 years. 

He also noticed that there is only one place where students would go to watch the set books being performed. In addition, entry fee to the acting hall was expensive, not all the students could afford it. Therefore, Nurture Roles Arts charge an entry fee of Kshs.100 ($1) per student which is affordable compared to Kshs.500 ($5) charged by the other production team.

He heard about Somo from a friend and joined the Cohort 5 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. He says, he learnt all the entrepreneurial skills from the program like branding and marketing his company, making a business plan and creating a strong value proposition thereby producing the best content. “The partnership with Somo will help me realize my childhood dream of owning a production company.”

Currently, he is looking to get certified. He has been conducting auditions to recruit young idle but talented youths from Kibera. He is also looking into partnering with famous local actors to mentor his team.