In Korogocho the  community is eagerly awaiting the launch of our new Hub! The new Hub will allow us to develop new partnerships and improve our current ones in the Eastlands area of Nairobi. These partnerships will bring sustainability through impact oriented business ventures, reaching a large and diverse community.

We are launching the Hub at the Korogocho resource center, central to a large market where there is a lot of business activity.The resource center has been of great avail to the community because it acts as a meeting point between the community and different organizations.   Somo will add an incubation program, entailing entrepreneurship training, a mentorship program and community building initiatives to the area.

We are engaging different community members to help in carrying out outreach in the community.   Maureen, a member of the resource center for five years, is exhilarated to work proximate to Somo and has expressed the community's prospects: "We hope that the Somo project will impact our community positively. And that many will benefit from the project." She says that the community is looking forward having Somo there to help launch more enterprises in the area.

Florence, a businesswoman in Korogocho market, has started to sell of our entrepreneurs' goods through the Pop Up Shop says that she has a great hope that Somo will focus to empower mainly women and the youth. Evans, who works at the resource center, also hopes for a change in the underserved population as target groups in enforcing change.

Our new Hub provides a space, for our already graduated entrepreneurs that live closer to Korogocho hence providing both the team and our entrepreneurs an environment suitable in the scaling up of the businesses by providing access to the fast internet; needed for marketing and reporting.

We look forward to launching our hub and providing opportunities and growth in the underserved population of Korogocho.