Meet Mary Ayieko, founder of K-Pads!  K-Pads is focused on producing a reusable sanitary towels for women that will be sold at an affordable price (at less that $3 for a 12 month supply vs a market rate of $25).  Mary was inspired to start K-Pads after seeing female classmates of her’s forced to miss weeks of school because of their inability to afford sanitary pads.  

By creating an affordable option, K-Pads is allowing women and girls to not miss work and school. K-Pads is growing quickly and has signed on their first partner, Changing Times School in Kawangware.  K-Pads will supply 1,600 pads for girls between the ages of 10 and 14 that will be distributed when schools re-open in May. 

K-Pads is using recycled fleece and flannel, which are both absorbent and inexpensive which are created by local women’s groups.  The pads cut down on the waste created by disposable pads, gives an affordable option to women and girls who have been forced to miss school and work and creates employment for women in Mary’s community. 


If you are interested in learning more or placing an order, please contact us!