Portable Voices’ podcasts have launched!  Allan, the founder of the series, wanted to share a glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur in East Africa’s slums.  The goal is showcase the spirit of innovation and to further promote business initiatives within urban informal areas.  The first one is about startup founders and their companies in Kibera.  Check it out here! https://soundcloud.com/portablevoices/risestartups-season-1-1-needsmp3?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

The Series:

Portable Voices’ podcasts are free to listen and download on any device from anywhere. The company generates revenue by creating educational content and selling advertising, as well as producing voice-over narrations. The team (pictured below) is currently working on RiseStartups, a two seasons ten-episode podcast that will shed more light on the social impact of start-ups and enable listeners to learn from entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses while giving insights to potential investors.


Behind the inspiration:

“In Kenya, ‘more than 7.8 million youth and adults (38.5% of adult population) lack the minimum literacy levels’(the Star, 10 September 2014)... Because of this there have been attempts to build physical information centers with books, computers, magazines and journals.  However, because of geographical constraints and inadequate resources and infrastructure, one information center is constrained to serve a small numbers of people.  Hence the need for PortableVoices, an online replica (accessible from virtually any phone) of onsite information centers.

We are building a web-based digital library of education resources and on-demand demand integrated digital media that will integrate user generated data collected through trainings and projects.  The application will integrate onsite activities with online interactions, to enable users be able to connect and share stories with a global audience.”  - Allan