Meet Michelle and Thomas, the founders of Habari Kibra! Habari Kibra seeks to empower local teens by providing training in analytical journalism.  This week they started their first cohort with a group of promising students!  Their business fills a current gap in the news content industry by selling media they produce about informal settlements to news stations around Nairobi. The services that Habari Kibra provides will arm youth with useful and marketable skills, as well as bring insider coverage to largely overlooked areas.


What is analytic journalism?

“Analytical Journalism is a field of journalism that seeks to make sense of complex reality through taking available data and reconfiguring it to help us ask better questions about a particular situation or statement. By offering skills in analytical journalism, teenagers will learn to report and produce news content on development and sustainability issues through articles, audio, video and reportage photography-- telling their community’s stories through these mediums.” -Michelle and Thomas


Why Habari Kibra?

In Kenya there are currently 800,000 young people that are entering a challenging labour market every year where 1 in 3 youths are unemployed.  Furthermore, 80% of those unemployed in Kenya are below 35 years old (Guardian 2016).  By targeting youth through journalism training, Habari Kibra equips young people with content creation skills that can turn into full time employment opportunities and selling original content to local media buyers.  To start, Habari Kibra is partnering with Pamoja FM (the largest media broadcaster in Kibera) on their Youth Radio project, which will be providing documentaries on youth issues in communities like Kibera.