"If you are from a slum in Kenya, the holidays have a way of reminding you that you are underserved.” A woman called Loice from Korogocho, the place we are setting up our 2nd Hub, tells me. In Nairobi’s low-income communities, where charity rather than investment is the norm and severe access and inequities exist, low-income communities become extremely marginalized. December is the season for giving and gifting, and we ask that this season you help us double our impact for next year!

Somo partners with local entrepreneurs to help them build self-sustaining, high-impact businesses. Our current program includes a rigorous business plan workshop, a 12-week MBA Bootcamp and an advisory program offering professional mentorship. Somo then builds long-term advising relationships with the graduates and offers early-stage grant equity and later-stage growth capital to qualifying entrepreneurs. We have created two co-working hubs for our entrepreneurs, and we help them expand their market access with shops and delivery services. Businesses include an organic urban farm, a computer programming school, a renewable briquettes manufacturer, Kenyan inspired recycled dolls, honey, peanut butter, and candles.

We have the power to help these communities-- instead of ephemeral gifts we give people the tools they need to change their communities from within.

To Help:  https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/help-us-partner-with-more-impact-entrepreneurs/x/13580989

Or give via PayPal or Mpesa at https://secure.changa.co.ke/myweb/share/17008