Yo-Toto, Lillian

Lillian is a working mother of three who has witnessed the nutritional choices and sacrifices that many parents in Kibera are forced to make. She produces a low-sugar, full-fat, nutritional yogurt that helps improve the health and learning of Kibera’s children. Lillian’s yogurt provides families and schools with a healthy alternative to fast and often poor-nutrition foods. She is looking to partner with schools and daycares to provide her yogurt. 


Potter's Briquettes, Abraham: 

Abraham has seen how smoke from burning of charcoal briquettes in homes can have serious health implications for residents in his community. He has found an alternative source of energy for heating and cooking in homes, producing a briquette from waste materials that is both smokeless and odorless. Along with the positive impact of these briquettes on individual families, Abraham is contributing to the movement to reduce deforestation by creating this renewable source of energy. 


Watermark Spring, Steven: 

Steven is working to provide a clean water delivery in Kibera, eliminating the burden of water collection and reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases. Along with the delivery of water his customers will receive public health and sanitation information through a mobile application. 


Bora Bora Farm, Rose: 

Rose has witnessed dangers Kibera women experience when they journey to the marketplace early in the morning or late at night. Rose runs a farm where she grows fresh fruits and vegetables locally that are both affordable and accessible. As she expands her business, Rose hopes to also open a greenhouse, so that she can grow fruits and vegetables that are out of season. 


K-Pads, Nancy & Mary: 

K-Pads is focused on producing a reusable sanitary towel for women that will be sold at affordable prices (at less that $1 for a 6 month supply).  Sanitary products are currently unaffordable for many women and girls in Kibera, forcing them to miss work and school during their periods.  K-Pads creates sustainable, reusable and affordable sanitary pads that will be produced in partnership with local women’s groups.  


Portable Voices, Allan & John: 

Portable Voices produces interactive weekly podcasts focused on Nairobi's informal settlements, enabling community residents to express themselves creatively.  Podcasts are free to listen to and download on any device from anywhere.  Portable Voices generates revenue by creating educational content and selling advertising, as well as producing voiceover narrations.  


Habari Kibra, Michelle & Thomas: 

Habari Kibra is a workshops platform that allows youth to engage their passion for journalism. Michelle & Thomas are teaching their students a wide range of skills, from writing to photography to TV/media production, so that they will be able to reach their ambitions in an ever challenging and diversifying industry.  Once these students graduate Habari Kibra they will be set-up with income producing journalism jobs.  


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