Re-Afric, Julius Otieno

Re-Afric is a recycling shoe company. They collect waste materials such as leather boards, fabric scraps, used tires, leather scraps, and old jeans to make quality, durable footwear.  Julius trains young mothers and youth to produce these shoes, giving them a sustainable source of income.



Hidaya, Hilda and Diana Ogutu

The mother-daughter team of Hilda and Diana make reusable diapers.  They were inspired by seeing single mothers from Korogocho struggling to purchase sufficient diapers for their babies.  Their diapers are 50 ksh. and last an entire month! This both cuts down on a huge cost for mothers and reduces environmental pollution.


Gurudumu, Simon Muia

Simon creates furniture from recycled tyres such as chairs, tables, and footrests.  He was inspired after he witnessed the 2007/ 2008 election violence, where people burned tires in protest.  He decided to employ idle youth to make art out of these tires instead of burning them.